with four different characters, unmistakable tastes, in perfect composition.

Mantaro Walla

A special blend of South American coffee for lovers of the night black taste and full-bodied aromas. Characteristic, yet extremely exciting: a blend of tropical arabica and soft robust coffee with an unmistakable taste, in well-composed harmony. The taste is caramel, dark chocolate with a definite presence of fresh tropical fruitiness and nectar aromas. The crema is beautiful, strong, light brown and thick enough. The Mantaro Walla is the perfect choice for those who are open to novelties and love to pamper themselves.

Mantaro Mayu ESPRESSO

Emphasizing the noblest properties of coffee, it is a strong, characteristic premium blend coffee that is an excellent choice for a delicious espresso. A typical fiery flavor and unique aroma culminated in South America due to the wet and humid climate, really, and so gained a strong, memorable character and pleasantly creamy, chocolate aftertaste. Its crema is hazelnut brown, its taste is a real espresso feeling, so we only recommend it in the form of espresso or ristretto. Its bitter taste is the perfect starter, or just a daytime invigorator.

Mantaro Ahora 100% ARABICA

Its special taste is due to the finest, 100% arabica coffee beans. The excellent quality is enhanced by the golden brown roasting, the balanced aroma and the pleasant flavors. The creme is light golden brown, yet thick and durable with a soft essence. In terms of its leading taste, it is dominated by velvety creamy aromas, its harmonious finish is slightly acidic and bitter, reminiscent of grapefruit and orange peel flavors. Mantaro Ahora was born from the perfect balance of soft, harmonious taste and medium roasting, making it a unique choice at any time of the day.

Mantaro Calma 100% ARABICA

Its greatness comes from the carefully selected coffee beans from the South American plantation with a special microclimate. Its massive, vibrant creme covers a special nectar. Mantaro Calma is 100% arabica coffee, thanks to its clean roast and soft roasting. It shows rich citrusy, fruity flavors, and due to its uniquely silky taste and lower intensity, is a perfect choice for those looking for complete physical and mental harmony in the unparalleled experience of coffee.

Ristretto intenso

A special coffee with a midnight black flavor and full body for aroma lovers. Unmistakable its taste is dark chocolate, caramel and fresh a well-composed harmony of tropical flavors. A perfect choice for a strong ristretto.

Espresso rosso

Premium coffee with character, an excellent choice for a delicious espresso. Pithy, fiery and its special creamy, chocolatey and chocolatey flavour notes make it the perfect day starter, or even a mid-day pick-me-up.

Espresso gold

100% arabica coffee, with the excellent quality of quality is enhanced by the golden roasting, the well-balanced aroma, and a pleasant orange, slightly acidic notes. A unique choice for the day at any time of the day for an unforgettable cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Lungo crema

100% arabica coffee, which is rich and citrusy shows flavor notes. Uniquely silky taste and lower intensity a perfect choice for those who want to experience the full physical and mental harmony in an unrivalled coffee experience. Its lower intensity makes it an excellent choice for a latte macchiato or a long coffee.


MANTARO hot chocolate with majestic chocolate provides a magical, irresistible, creamy taste experience. A mug mixed with milk and then heated can be prepared in no time! Its uniquely silky taste captivates.


The soft, harmonious texture is completed by the white chocolate flavour. It can be prepared in a matter of seconds by mixing a large glass of milk and then heating it. For white chocolate fans, it is an essential addition to cooler days.


A real summer favourite is MANTARO ICE COFFEE, which owes its excellent taste and cooling taste to the selected coffee blend. You will only need a large glass of cold milk to make it, and you can already feel the balanced aroma. The cooling iced coffee gives a real boost to the summer days.


... in the depths of the Andes, he found refuge on the shores of Lake Paca. As he drank from the water of the crystal clear lake, a beautiful mermaid appeared from the foams and asked the warrior to follow him deep into the lake. The man was completely enchanted by the beauty of the miracle worker, but he resisted the temptation. The mermaid then appeared before the warrior every night, crying more and more bitterly until finally one night the man could no longer command the desire. She threw herself after the mermaid, but under the water she lost track of the beautiful girl. However, the warrior did not give up, swam to the last breath in search of his love, but eventually lost in the tomb. The mermaid, who had only been teasing until then, was so moved by the man's determination that he took the lifeless body ashore and conjured it into one of the mountain ranges of the Andes as an eternal memory.

The mermaid was already soaking the warrior with sincere tears, and the tears are said to have rolled down the range, forming the river Mantaro, which also feeds the Amazon. Mantaro coffee brings life to life and makes everyday life special in the same way that the river, fed by the tears of a mermaid, has fed the valleys of the Andes and all over South America through the Amazon. From primeval forests to small villages that preserve ancient traditions, from mountain ranges rich in precious metals to endless farmland, all the wonders of the continent owe their richness to water. Just like Mantaro coffee, which encloses all the flavours and aromas of this unique world, now reveals the secret of mysticism…

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